30/04 - Macbeth at The Royal Opera House v.2


A few days ago I went to see Macbeth at The Royal Opera House. I was able to see this because one of my peers had work experience there and got given two tickets to the rehearsal which she brought me to. This was a very exciting experience for me as I'd never been to an opera before or a rehearsal for a show so I didn't know what to expect. It is also something that I probably wouldn't have seen had I not been given a ticket so it is interesting to see what kind of opportunities open up from work experience.

The Royal Opera House was an amazing large theatre that looked very traditional and grand and the room was breathtakingly beautiful. It is based around the corner form covent garden so it is in a very buzzy, vibrant area of London. The workshops are in the same building which seems like a a really nice area to work in rather than being in a studio in the middle of nowhere. 

I was with my friend who had also never seen an opera so we both had a very open mind about what to expect. There was a large black empty sign hanging about the stage that we weren't sure what it was but when the opera began it had the translation of the signing. I thought this was a brilliant idea as it made the whole experience so much more accessible and meant the audience could properly engage with the story. I thought that whoever had designed that had really taken into account the audiences needs and the need to make opera more appealing .

I also thought the set was very interesting as it was in a large cube on the stage with several moveable parts, possibly this was a design to aid the acoustics and help the voices travel but they also managed to make it a stylistic feature that seemed very dark and sinister and fitted the mood. Mixing this begin with functionality is a very big part of theatre ad something that I find very interesting. This is something that I would possible like to explore more in the future.