26/03 - Skiing v.2



This week I went skiing with the uni, I thought this would be a really fun opportunity to have a break from sculpting and do something completely different. We went to Tignes in France which I really enjoyed as it's so different to anywhere in England. 

I went with only a couple of people I knew so I was fairly nervous but I met a lot a lot of people from different courses and at different campus' in UAL. This showed me that it was worth going somewhere where I didn't know a lot of people as I ended up meeting a lot of new people with different ideas and perspectives on creative process. Also hearing what other people were doing in their own courses or writing about in their dissertations was very inspiring and I was able to apple some ideas to my own work. Even though some courses didn't seem like they'd have anything in common with my own it was really useful to meet new, creative people that I wouldn't have otherwise met as their ideas were so different from my own. 

As I'd been skiing a few times before me and a couple of friends were able to go quite high up the mountain to where the slopes were really quiet, I feel like this gave me a different perspective on things as it was so peaceful so I could reflect on my own work. I would have liked to be more prepared in the future and bring a sketch book with me to more places as I felt really inspired at the top of the mountain and I would like to capture that. 

I think in the future I would like to use a sketch book and water colours to capture more of my surroundings. I often find myself feeling creatively starved as I struggled at the beginning of the begin and make project to come to grips with an idea, however I could tackle this by investing more time into creativity rather than just focusing on technical skills and I think this would help me in the long run.