23/04 - Zbrush v.2

This week we got the opportunity to learn some basic skills on the digital sculpting software Zbrush. A visiting lecturer who has been using Zbrush since it was first brought out was teaching us the basics of how to digitally sculpt, he also told us how before this he learnt to sculpt in Florence where he intensively studies the anatomy. I found this very inspiring as I would want to learn more about anatomy to help build up my sculpting skills. Knowing that even when new technology is taking over, having an original physical sculpting skill is really valuable in learning to digitally sculpt. This is something that made me really want to focus on technical skills and pursue a more accurate anatomical side of things in third year.

I wanted to take part in this introduction to Zbrush so I could start to build up a knowledge of it that I could continue myself. I think this is going to be a really valuable skill to have in the future if I can continue to learn it by myself. I wrote a lot of notes during the lesson so I had a record of all the keys and short cuts the lecturer taught us. In reflection this was a really good idea as when I go back to using Zbrush I can refer to my notes and jump straight in rather than having to search up things I'd forgotten. This is something I will definitely continue to do in the future when we have other visiting lecturers.

In the future I would like to continue learning more in Zbrush and investing more time into it as I think it will benefit me in the future to have this in my skill set.