19/03 - Westworld v.2


I have recently started watching the TV programme Westworld, this show caught my attention as the idea of robots in a Western setting seemed to me as though it would have a lot of special effects work gone into it. I think one of the reasons the show has been so successful is due to the juxtaposition of high-tech robots and the western setting seem very jarring. Also it is seeming to deal with thing that are not too unbelievable considering where technology is heading.

They show a lot of bodies and head which incorporate prosthetics and sculpture and I find it really inspiring to see how things that I am interested in could be used in TV especially when they are used so seamlessly. Watching some parts makes me feel really in awe of how far technology has come to make them possible while making it look real and effective and I am really excited to see where technology in this industry could go next.

I also really enjoy how the sculpture used in Westworld make a lot of this possible and believable when they aren't yet able to do that in real life. Its really exciting to think that a job like this could be making things come to life that otherwise wouldn't happen. 

The amazing accuracy and focus on the anatomy in this film makes me want to learn more anatomy and really perfect it as it is such a vital skill to creating a believable figure. I think this is something that I might want to integrate into my practice in the future and possibly focus on in my major project in third year.