16/04 - White Chicks v.2


I watched the film White Chicks for the first time the other day. This film is a comedy where a lot of prosthetics are used, however the prosthetics are notoriously bad, which adds to the comedy of the film. I watched this with a couple of my classmates and we were all astonished by how bad they were, it was good to see other peoples opinions of this who are also interested in this area and we could compare it to other films where prosthetics were used much more effective.

I think prosthetics were used well in this film in a different way than they are in a lot of other films. The comedy in this film is that the prosthetics are done so badly they the two men end up looking quite scary and not at all like normal people so this is almost a different use to prosthetics.

This also made me think o other films made around the same time that used prosthetics swell and how they all compare to the way it is used in the film industry today. The balance between doing enough to change and disguise the face while not turning the prosthetic into a full mask is a very fine line. As with a lot of other things in this practice its about finding a balance of having one thing without losing another. The masks used in White Chicks seem miles away from the amazing work done on Gary Oldman in The Darkest Hour and that is evidence of how far technology and materials have come on prosthetics.