Collection: Madeleine Flude - Unit 8 Reflective Journal 17/18 v.2

12/03 - Bond in Motion at The London Film Museum v.2


I went to see Bond in Motion at the London Film Museum with my family. This was a gift to my dad for his birthday and it wasn't something that I initially thought would interest me or be of any relevance so it wasn't something I would have chosen to go to myself but it turned out to be a lot more interesting and informative than I would have thought. 

I had never been to the London Film Museum but the building was a perfect layout for presenting something like this and the how everything had be arranged helped to showcase the best of the cars, gadgets and models that were on display. They used projectors and audios to build the story around each of the instalments which made them a lot more interesting than just having the stand alone cars. This showed me the importance of good presentation and how the theatre of it can reel in someone who might not have previously been interested. Because of this I would like to experiment more with presentation and maybe play around with different presentation ideas for my outcomes for this unit.

I really enjoyed seeing the scale models of the cars next to their full size counterparts as it was really inspiring to see things similar to what we had done in our replica projects being used in the film industry. Also the level of detail that had gone into the small scale replica showed me how much detail has to go into things used in film as the camera picks up on so much. I also really enjoyed seeing the gadgets attached to the cars, in the film these seemed so high-tech whereas when I saw them in person they looked like something that had been 3D printed from plastics.