09/04 - Marguerite Humeau: Echoes v.2


I went to the Tate Britain to see Marguerite Humeau's exhibition Echoes. This was called a surrealist exhibition and was based around Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra and hieroglyphs. I went to see this because I wanted to see some more modern surrealism art as most of the work I'd looked at prier to this has been academic artist such as Dali and Breton so I wanted to get a more broad view on Surrealism today as well as its roots. 

I was surprised this was installed in the Tate Britain as it strikes me as a more traditional gallery while this exhibition seemed very experimental and quite out there, like something I would have expected from the Tate Modern. I went to see this with some of my peers which was interesting as I was able to get their opinions on the installation which in some cases were very different from my own.

This was a very different exhibition than one that I would normally go to and a completely different experience as it was very immersive with a loud echoey voice being projected and aggressive yellow paint on the walls.

I liked how I got a feeling of hieroglyphs immediately on entering the room, without having read anything about the installation previously, and the contrast between the smooth, flowey, billowing shapes and the yellow walls which I later read were painted in snake venom really connected with me, and I enjoyed the deeper level of the venom that wouldn't be immediately apparent with doing a bit of research into it.

I'm not sure if I personally would call with surrealist as the basic idea of it is too structured, all having roots in Egypt, the only juxtaposition being structural. In my research of surrealism I don't think this holds true to their original philosophy.