05/03 - The National Theatre's Amadeus v.2


A couple of days ago I went to see Amadeus at The National Theatre, this is a play about Mozart and Salieri and it had a large orchestra that played on the stage for the majority of the play. I saw this because my mum had booked for us to see with the family, I'm really glad she did this because this isn't something that I would think to see myself. Also I've been to the National Theatre a few times and they always have really interesting sets and staging so I was intrigued to see how they would present it.

The National Theatre is located on the south bank which is a really vibrant busy area right next to the Thames where lots off different architecture is nestle together. I find this a really structurally diverse area with the skate park tucked in next to shipping containers and stylish modern builds. As its quite far from my house I don't go there a lot but going to the National Theatre is also an opportunity to walk along the south bank by the river. Although its very busy, the river and small green areas make it seem like one of the more fresh areas in London which puts me in a really positive mindset. I also find the juxtaposition of the more brutalist architecture of the national theatre and the buildings around it inspiring, it made me think that I would like to experiment more with contrast and possibly look more into architecture and landscape in relation to my practice.

I really connected with how this play was staged, the orchestra were part of the cast, interacting with the other characters and moving around the stage while playing their instruments. To me this added another dimension to theatre, they'd brought the orchestra out and made it really engage with the play. They seemed like like moving parts of the set as well as other members of cast. Actually being able to see the orchestra added so much to the show and left me feeling quite awestruck at moments.

While the orchestra added so much to the show I felt as though at some points the larger set pieces were unnecessary, they were meant to set the scene but they just felt over the top as the orchestra were already filling that roll.

Seeing this has made me want to see a wider range of shows in the future and branch out more in what i am going to see. Its also made me this about different types of props and how sometime a figurative representation isn't right for certain types of shows which may be something that I would look into in the future.